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We are not talking about the industrial or information age- we are now in the SOCIAL era- and it is for real.
We are now all connected- not just within our organizations- but much more now.

It is a choice if you want to be more connected. We are now effectively all “free agents” to our own success and that of our companies. This not just Social Media (a set of tools) – but it is purley a SOCIAL movement involving marketing, sales, HR, IT, accounting, finance and every facet of business.

Ideas and people who spread virally win- and ones who choose to remain average die.
Tribal cult like cultures who spread their respective “virus”- will be on top – as long as their product or service is remarkable. Cultures who understand this will grow exponentially- and others will be left behind.

BANDIER is becoming radically SOCIAL- so come join the movement.


What is your Noble Cause?

Trey —  September 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

Leaders are readers and full of fanatical discipline. You are now charged to contribute in this noble cause- to move out of “I/me/myself” profits and business only ……and and into “team” collaboration communication & purpose.

The charge is simple for you and your tribe.
- identifying and leveraging core values
- aligning on a noble cause

Result/goal of this directive is – “our team is great” ………then progress to “life is great” evolvement – it is a conscious choice BANDIER is making now. Thank you to Tribal Leadership book ;)

Most of all- be yourself (authentic self), dig into your humility, and examine your judgment & behaviors to help guide you in this intentional purpose driven- value based blog.


The teacher will appear when the student is ready!  We hope you take your leadership seriously.  It’s your choice if you want to lead or follow.  Be present.

In every organization one will become paralyzed by fear- awareness is key to progress.  Are you good at following or leading – hiding or stepping out of your fear?

Reality is – Your Fear of failure is an excuse, is overrated, and absorbed by the Firm- not you.  People are afraid of blame and criticism.  Constructive criticism is best – what is basis for your criticism?

1.  If I get criticized for this will I lose my job or just feel bad?  Feeling bad wears off.

2.  How can I create something that critics will criticize ?

Be a heretic – we are more exciting than the sheep follower.  It’s nice to get paid – it’s essential to believe.  Are you leading or managing- leading is progressive – managing is old school.

Why call us a tribe- Tribes are movements led by authentic coaches or leaders- not indians.  We are on a movement!  We are not a factory or a dull output machine.  Do you have authority over your time and what you do?  Do you have a triad – or team of 3?  What is your triads purpose?  Is it communicated?

How many true fans do you have?  Not Clicks or media mentions or numbers?
….So tighten the relationship with those who choose to follow you!

Initiative equals happiness.  Making services and things successful is addictive and rewarding.

Look forward to tightening our tribe !!!!



Love is not just a sappy necessary emotion- love is an action and a verb at work, home, community and your God.

Patient- have self control In difficult situations.

Kind- show encouragement and enthusiasm.

Trusting- to place confidence in someone.

Unselfish- think of yourself less.  Don’t think less of yourself – think of yourself less.

Truthful – define reality corporately and individually.

Forgiving – release the grip of the grudge!

Dedicated – stick to your values in all circumstances.  Give Hope!

Choice you make – love works.  It’s up to you.