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MS Walk 2012

BANDIER showed its’ support of David Alexander’s wife, Kendra, by participating with “Kendra’s Krew” in the MS 5K Walk, October 27 at Rob Fleming Park in Creekside!
Great day to walk for this great cause!!!

  1. Vision- dream big
  2. Influence- need others
  3. Confidence- inner self belief- no failure- only feedback
  4. Commitment- action after decision
  5. Results orientated- energy into ideas
  6. Timing- supportive partners, good health etc
  7. Perseverance – determination and persistence
  8. Caring- take time to know needs and wants of key people
  9. Action- make it happen
  10. Intuition – use and rely on your own radar system
At BANDIER, we strive to build a network of entrepreneurs filled with above 10 character traits.

Come see top Woodlands Leaders speak this week- it’s free and great for you!

Thursday, November 1, 2012 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM

Kyle Vann- Since 2005, Mr. Vann has served as a independent energy commodity consultant to many energy copanies. He will be speaking on “The 5 Dimensions for a Robust Career and Life”.

Karl Kurz – Mr. Kurz recently served as a Managing Director in the Houston office of CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC. He will be speaking on “Casting the Deciding Vote”.

Woodlands Waterway Marriott/1601 Lake Robbins Dr/The Woodlands, TX 77380

Contact Dennis Combrink/Priority Associates/ /713-522-2994

have you read zappos- Delivering Happiness?  or how about Seth Godin, “Tribes- Why we need you to lead us”

I became enthralled with what true “connectedness” means after reading these books.  It meant culture, leading with love, having a fun work environment, authenticity and creating a unified tribe.

Richard Branson says, “if you don’t have fun doing what you do, don’t do it”.

I have always enjoyed networking and people, but what if i did it with true purpose?

If you are interested in people and want to network with a purpose, become connected and watch your alliances grow.

Look for mentors, dialogue with sincere intent, and step out of your comfort zone.  Be attractive.



Houston’s Booming Economy Lifts Office and Industrial Leasing Activity, and Construction by Patsy Fretwell on October 23, 2012.

Market Overview Third Quarter 2012

Houston proves resilient amidst national depression like symptoms.


Your Growth is quite possibly the 2nd most important life endeavor behind your Faith.  Ask these simple questions in reflection time and become action-packed intentional on your Growth.

  1. Why do you want to grow personally?  Are you committed to it daily?  Have you shared your growth plan?
  2. Do you focus more on goals or growth?  Why might growth trump goals?
  3. How self aware are you on your assets and liabilities? and your self pity vs positive inspiration? 
  4. Do you know what one positive word best describes you- have you focused on that one character behavior or trait?
  5. Do you take time to “pause” and use evaluative reflection on your why, what, how and when for your existence?
  6. Which leaders and mentors do you read about, follow and actually meet and dialogue with?
  7. Do you have real faith – can your convictions paralyze your fear – and can making mistakes be part of growth process?
  8. How is your humility coming along- do you think your busy work career is more important than your growth career?
  9. What specific growth initiatives have worked for you- do you consistently use them- what more can you start?
  10. What is more important- purpose or profit, significance or success, impact or fame, core values or work?

This outline of questions will set the stage for an amazing journey towards your pure growth- more insights on this to come;)



The SOCIAL Era (INSIGHTS web pages, LINKED IN, FACEBOOK, Twitter, marketing, networking) and Values, Purpose, and Organizational Health / Emotional Intelligence – do these really affect the bottom line??

Quick answer is a resounding YES! In fact, Intangible Core Values are the success DNA for every organization and is the start of everything- that flows down the line to working a deal / cash flow and profit. It is the profit- and the execution and cash are simply the receipt.

Creative ideas and methods, cultures, marketing, biz dvlpt, tactics, Think Tanks, SOCIAL era, free agents, and Mission Statements – these are used to bring more business and long term value IN THE DOOR and improve the health and enduring success for the firm.

Do you have an open mind to let down your subconscious “bottom line” quantifiable “cause-effect” guard down – and then Embrace the Movement of what matters most- the INTANGIBLE Values that make it all happen.

1. I will Form good habits and become a slave to such great habits/discipline
Read each number for 30 days- read in silence in am- midday- and before bed- read aloud at night
Repeat every day for 30 days to establish habit- it will become part of active mind and the subconscious mind.
You will become happy and act and react in good manner.

2. I will greet this day with LOVE in my Heart. Love is the greatest weapon of choice. The sun, the rain light and darkness, happiness and sadness, success and obstacles. Praise enemies and make them friends. No gossip and criticism. Love thy Neighbor as Thy Self.

3. I will persists until I succeed – charge forward- as victor, not victim- I am a lion and refuse to sleep with the sheep.

4. I am natures greatest miracle- by God- I am unique and exceptional. I have a unique ability- one of a kind.
I was conceived in Love and love my family over business. I am loved by GOD. I will win bc I am unique.

5. I will live this day as it is my Last- I will seal up container of Life to not waste one ounce of goodness. Concern myself over events that matter. Tomorrow lies buried with yesterday- THIS DAY is all I have. My last must be my best- and fall to knees if it is not.

6. I will be master of my emotions – each day will be new. Actions control thoughts-not other way. If you feel fear plunge ahead- do the opposite of negative emotions.

7. I will laugh at the world- we are made to laugh. Take it easy and smile – it add years to life- laugh at yourself. Don’t take life too seriously. 4 words- this too shall pass! Laugh at the world.

8. I will multiply my value 100x- leverage leadership and values- set goals for day- year and life. Be goals and do goals. My goals are never too high. Announce goals to the world and be humble.

9. I will ACT now- action is the tender that makes your goals a living force. No fear or procrastination. Act out of your fear- not later. I will act now!

10. I will pray for meaningful guidance and purpose in my Life – pray for guidance on your resolve, humbleness, and victory- guide me- confront me with fears and courage to conquer them- discipline in the habit of trying, favor me for alertness, patience and good habits- compassion for others.

trey- cliff notes from book- Greatest Saleman in the World