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ExxonMobil multi-billion dollar mega campus- and The Woodlands TX- need I say more.

We are in continued bliss up in North Houston.  With less than a 2% class A office vacancy rate, and significant positive net absorption in most product types in our immediate trade area – the next few years are flying high in CRE.

In addition, most of our land listings are being acquired by an array of users- especially the larger tracts with residential developers.

We currently have a handful of listings being sold and developed around the ExxonMobil impact radius, for more than ask price.

The activity is extremely brisk from I-45 north of Louetta going up thru Conroe.  I feel the spike will occur in 2015 on most all CRE prices up here- notwithstanding a macro-economic catastrophe.

We are currently raising significant equity, taking on more listings, clients and developments- for even more exciting opportunities around all the action.

Playing it safe is now risky.  It’s better to be great than lucky.

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We all have been there- you know you are right, you did the next right thing, and you followed your trusted heart.

But…. you were then let down by that somebody or something- a client, a partner, a spouse, a raw deal – what to do now.  So, maybe we go tell them how right we are, and how we need to get reimbursed for such wrong doing?

Sometimes, thru life experiences, the good book, and maybe a mentor’s wisdom, we find out that being right is not always what set’s us free.  Perhaps we are only right 50% of the time?

Instead, maybe it’s best to just let it go, and find peace in peace itself.  Sometimes…maybe it’s OK to say to yourself- “just let it go, …maybe they just don’t know what they have done”

Our life would experience much more freedom and joy, if we could just let things go.

“Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” Luke 23:34.


Forbes Ranking

March 2013

Houston once again is ranked among the top cities in America by Forbes – this time, at No. 2 for “Best Cities for Good Jobs.” According to Forbes, Houston’s rank is based upon a five-year expected annual job-growth rate of 2.6 percent, per capita income of $42,804 and 6 percent unemployment.

This news comes on the heels of other recent – and impressive – rankings of Houston by Forbes such as these:

  • No. 2 among the 20 “Fastest Growing Metropolitan Areas in the United States” (January 2013)
  • No. 5 spot as one of the “Cities Where People Earn the Biggest Paycheck” (December 2012).
  • No. 8 among “Fastest Growing Cities in the United States” (March 2013) and “New Tech Hot Spots” (January 2013)
  • No. 2 among “Best Cities for Female Entrepreneurs” (October 2012)
  • No. 1 among “America’s Coolest Cities to Live,” “Big Cities Where Self-Employment is Growing the Fastest” and “Cities Where Paychecks Stretch the Furthest” (July 2012)
  • No. 2 for “Best Big City for Jobs” (May 2012)
  • No. 3 as “Top City with the Most Construction Underway” (March 2012)

It’s a challenge to keep up with Houston’s outstanding accolades and rankings because, quite frankly, our city is consistently earning high rankings by numerous media, organizations and research studies. You can see most of them by visiting the Greater Houston Partnership website’s “ratings and rankings page.” A sampling of other No. 1 rankings for Houston: Top Metros of 2012 by Site Selection Magazine; Fastest Real GDP Growth Among Large MSAs by Bureau of Economic Analysis; Most Multifamily Construction – Houston MSA by AXIOMetrics Inc.; and Best Cities for Your Career in 2013 by We should also note, these are No. 1 rankings that have come out so far this year, and we’re only in April!