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Friends -

We all have been let down and failed (for right or wrong) and have given into some self pity here and there.  So, how do we deal with it? Here are some notes from John Maxwell’s “Failing Forward” I feel are key:


  1. Avoidable- it’s not.  all people make mistakes
  2. an event- its not- it’s a process, a journey
  3. Objective- it’s not.  Its subjected
  4. Enemy- it’s not.  It takes adversity to make success.  Failure is fertilizer to success.
  5. Irreversible- it’s not.  See the big picture. Take it in stride.
  6. A Stigma- it’s not.  Mistakes are not permanent markers. They are stepping stones.
  7. Is final- it’s not.  There is a new return that makes you stronger.

Put things into perspective.

Apostle Paul- “I have learned in whatever state I am in, I am content.”   FAITH is key.

Are we going to avoid failure or wake up and embrace success.

Failure is a price we pay to achieve success.  Get this definition engrained in head.

If you failed, are you a failure? NO.

Am I a failure?  Fail forward.  Don’t take it personally.  “I am not a failure, I have failed at some things instead”

Winners do this:

  1. Reject rejection-internally based self image…keep right perspective
  2. See failure as temporary- it can only get better
  3. See failures as isolated incidents- not one incident defines you
  4. Keep expectations realistic-
  5. Focus on strengths- concentrate on what I can do- shore up weaknesses
  6.  Vary approaches to achievement- keep going w/ several businesses and projects
  7. Bounce back- life is a series of outcomes.  Rudy the football movie.

Remove the “you” from failure.

  1. Paralysis- embrace fear and failure- don’t let it in
  2. Procrastination- don’t let is steal my time.  long range is in site
  3. Purposelessness- feel every day I must make mistakes- its natural to success.  No self pity and hopelessness.
  4. Take action and reduce fear

Feel fear and take the action.  When you get going, its gets easier.  It all starts with action.

DANCE WITH FEAR AND FAILURE- it is part of the growth.

-Trey Halberdier


Ahhh….the sounds of Cranes and Beeping Construction Dozers on site in The Woodlands.  Thank you Howard Hughes and James Warmack (2 of our esteemed developers) – and my mountain bike – for this amateur video I shot on Ironman Weekend here in The Woodlands.  Take in the sights and noises of an office construction frenzy in one of the hottest markets in the USA.  Some would say we boast a 0% Class A office vacancy rate. - My safe YouTube Link

If you build it, they will come to The Woodlands.

Trey Halberdier

ExxonMobil updated aerial.  The Woodlands TX Commercial Real Estate is “en fuego” around the area.  I have some more inside scoop to share on another energy giant moving and shaking in the area.  Email me to discuss at or call 713.320.9494. Stay connected!

Trey Halberdier


We are now “uber” connected- we are all free agents- we all can go social, virtuous and viral- we all have the power to build a multi-million dollar business from a laptop and an iphone.  Sooo- the key question is- are you connected?

Connected”ness” to me means the following-

  • a trusted network- done mono y mono
  • to show how much you care, not care how much you know
  • noble and moral obligation to serve others
  • start, thrive and be responsible for your “tribe” of peers and contacts
  • to lead with love and compassion
  • be authentic and values based
  • perform, endure and impact with integrity

Call me, meet me, linked in/tweet/facebook/blog to me, reach out to me, know me, be yourself and ask genuine questions. Can you talk about real life issues and just be real?  At least, this a way to start and what i like to hear from my true connections. So now, go and give it a whirl …. get to know me (and your connections) better!





Marketplace Meeting Ministry now in The Woodlands- come join me!

  • Wednesday, May 8th
  • 7:30 am – 9:00 am
  • Woodlands Country Club, Palmer Course Private Room
  • 100 Grand Fairway Drive, The Woodlands, 77381
  • 281-863-1400

The Barnabas Group-Houston (TBG) is expanding to The Woodlands!
How much more do you want to do for the Kingdom of God?
How interested are you in joining with other community leaders in a collaboration to advance the
Gospel and expedite the return of Christ?
What legacy of significance do you want to leave for the next generation?
Join Our Founding Member’s Inquiry Meeting:

God has been using TBG to make a powerful impact on ministries around the corner and
around the globe. But in contrast to many great individuals and organizations who support
ministries primarily with the checkbook, TBG realizes Kingdom-minded people could provide so
much more if given an opportunity to use their network, time, unique abilities, giftings AND
resources to help ministries that reflect their true passions.
TBG has impacted over 40 ministries through our Houston-based breakfasts, SWOT meetings
and vetting process. We believe that there is so much more to do and leverage is the key to
making it happen.
We use the experience learned, strong vetting process and administration base that we will
already employ to expand to another area with minimum additional costs of time and money. As
we launch into The Woodlands, we are looking for 6-9 more Founding Members to start this
chapter. TBG-Woodlands Founding Members are people who are willing to make a 2-year
membership commitment to TBG-Woodlands and recruit 10 people to the breakfast in
September. The goal is to have 3 of them becoming members of TBG-Woodlands.
Please join us as we advance the Gospel and His Kingdom as we join together as the Body in
The Woodlands! RSVP If you have any questions, please contact Becky Turner
( or 713-824-5649), TBG’s Managing Partner.

Have a great day!

For the Kingdom,

Becky Turner

Managing Partner




I just attended a mini conference tonight at The Woodlands United Methodist Church.  There were 4 faith based speakers on stage- and they all shared a similar story.  No one is immune to trouble or bad luck.  No one is bullet proof.

All 4 men are pillars in the community, all have made millions and millions of dollars leading to significance, all made the most important choice to transform their lives to Christ.   All 4 men encountered trouble all the while.

It is comforting to know, we all fall short in this world, and if we are aware- we have priorities to keep us balanced through the rough waters.

Also- seeking out mentors and creating a relationship with a wise sage may be the secret for the young aspiring man or woman.

Learn from others and be prepared for trouble.  Maybe it’s time to re-tool our lives?  The devil biggest lie is “you always have time”.

-Trey Halberdier