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What does this Logo/Brand mean to you?


What does your brand or company name/logo mean to you?  I am not sure it really matters what others may think about your own brand, your character, and your reputation.  One way to really connect, is ask me genuinely about it, get to know me better and you will understand my brand.  In return, I get to know you better and put you in the authentic good guy camp.  My brand is personal, it’s precious, and it has meaning beyond what others may think on the surface.  When you meet people, and want to genuinely connect- do you ask about their family – more than likely yes,…. well- (hint hint), the brand is no different.

With that said, how might you create a brand that goes viral, and debunks the hierarchical marketing of the old days?  Also, is your stock of brand best created by something not bluntly stated about in the function and industry it serves.  Think of a new company like …..Back Office LLC for support staffing… vs. a name like Synergy LLC for same purpose.  Which one makes you think more and might draw you in to know more?

Who is HALBERDIER- what is HALBERDIER, and why the “H”?  well it says real estate, but what specifically does that mean? Some may say, creating a brand that does not say what you do, is more special, unique and will have more stock value in this market.  Why, well…it’s personal and precious and makes us dream of what it could mean.  My brand is my 5th child- I will fight for my brand, I will go the extra mile for my brand, my brand is me, my character, and why/what/how I do what I do.

If you want to go viral and cause a stir, put a great amount of thought and love and energy into your brand!

also visit – my brand, our brand, our people, our reputation, who we are, why we exist…