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Are YOU a DANGEROUS Dreamer?

Trey —  October 26, 2014 — Leave a comment


After a year of rebranding, renewing, family newborns, new experiences and stretching mentally, physically, financially and emotionally- I am blessed and inspired to be a DANGEROUS DREAMER.  (Thanks be to God and my Pastor Rob Renfroe - who leads a very impactful Church and Men’s Fellowship here in The Woodlands TX)

Let’s face it !! … we have enough capacity here in our little respective bubbles- right?  So the quick and important belief and conviction for ME and our COMMUNITY ongoing is – “what good actions will I take to continue to Dream GREAT Dangerously”.  Maybe it’s a mission trip, or a mentorship to the youth, perhaps lead a Bible study, or volunteer at Church or Charity, ….in addition to just being a better Dad and Husband?

We all need to be inspired and make IMPACT, our world is a terrible example and some of the people we follow.  Our living beating Hearts are meant to be COMPASSIONATE and to help the least, the last, and the lowest.   So in closing, GO NOW and cause a ruckus- a good dangerous impact, and don’t pay attention to the Haters and World.  The world is wrong, Christ is right!  YOU are here to be ALIVE – and THRIVE- we need all the help we can get.  Again, GO NOW and DO LIFE and PEOPLE and COMMUNITY RIGHT!

God Bless!


ACTS for IMPACT in your LIFE

Trey —  October 12, 2014 — Leave a comment


We all have acronyms or quick affirmations to keep us on the right track.  Here is one acronym (A-C-T-S) that has helped me in my GROWTH, Prayer and Meditation time, and Reflection on LIFE, FAITH, FAMILY, & CAREER.  I hope YOU find it meaningful as well.  Added bonus- if you Believe in a Greater Higher Power…you will also find this ACTS to be a great simple prayer routine ;)

  • A - Attitude, Acceptance, Appreciation, Adorn, Assurances, Accept, Acknowledge, Action
  • C – Compassion, Communication, Companion, Clarity, Confession, Collaboration, Consistency
  • T – Thanksgiving, Thought, Think
  • S - Salvation, Supplication, Sacrifice, Simplicity, Specific

Fill in the words you need for ACTS, and let this be one of your guiding lights for IMPACT, GROWTH, and SIGNIFICANCE.

And, as one of my YOGA instructor says, “The more you LIVE,  the more you LEARN,… The more you LEARN, the more you LOVE,.. The more you LOVE, the more you CAN’T LET GO, and that indeed is a GOOD THING

all the best w/ love,