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We have all heard the term, “keep it real” or “he/she is a real person”.

so what does “real” mean?  actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed. (of a substance or thing) not imitation or artificial; genuine.

How are we as human beings, companies, families, enterprises… considered real?  The answer starts with being AUTHENTIC!

In today’s world of high tech, fame, connections, the mad dash for success, power, chasing the dollar, or being somebody we are not to achieve some or all of the above  — it becomes more important to be REAL, AUTHENTIC, GENUINE.  Why…because it now matters and people can smell it.  It sets you apart.  We all possess the same ability to have fancy gadgets, social media connections, attend all the parties, be like the other person,…. and at the end of the day…..are you being the person God has gifted your Life and Purpose deep down inside?  Here are some things our firm HALBERDIER Real Estate inspire in our quest for deeper authentic connections:

  1. Define and Live out your God given Purpose with Faith
  2. Do what you Love to Do – attendance based compensation days are over
  3. Don’t pay attention to Critics and Haters –  they are everywhere.  Instead connect only with Winners!
  4. Get grounded and tap into your Humility- have you been completely honest about your character defects?
  5. What are you top 5 strengths creating Impact and NOW let them shine!
  6. Connectedness is a Value and Gift to people- so use it.
  7. People know how much you Care, they don’t care how much you know.
  8. Give gifts of your time, talents and treasure without expecting Anything in return
  9. always do the next right thing even when it hurts and no one is looking
  10. Patiently listen to needs of others and sincerely offer service, generosity and help

Friends, now more than ever we need you.  Connect with your Higher Power and the people who are your biggest cheerleaders, and love others for who they are….. and watch your REAL Purpose and Gifts grow and grow!

trey halberdier


Here’s the list – “what people value the most in the workplace”.  From Seth Godin’s “Linchpin- are you Indispensable”

9 intrinsic and only 1 extrinsic value out of 10.  Meaning we all crave an emotional internal need for a great platform to work….

  1. Challenge and Responsibility-- we thrive on challenges while being responsible and accountable
  2. Flexibility and Freedom- we are huge believers in this (solid life work balance).  You can’t pay a price for freedom!
  3. Stable work environment- select hires – energetic cohesive place to work- only linchpins work here
  4. Money- as Zig Ziglar says, it’s close to oxygen.  we will put you in positions to make lots of this
  5. Professional Dvlpt- as you know, we love this stuff- we will do more CRE training and book studies etc as desired by team
  6. Peer recognition- We purposely have “give acceptance and consideration” in our core values- this is huge!
  7. Stimulating colleagues and team members- our team will be super tight- fraternal brothers that feed off eachother
  8. Exciting Job content- needless to say- we have lots of exciting things happening in market and our industry- carpe diem
  9. Organizational Culture- culture is how we all treat each other and have fun together- make work fun and “wow” investors and clients
  10. Location and Community- hence The Woodlands – (the H blog),, and our community philanthropy etc-  a connected movement, and capitalizing on our networks and mentors etc

“Optimism is for artist, change agents, linchpins, and winners- are you working to make things better?”

….may we continue to seek sound discernment, informed courage and use great judgment and action towards the mission.  WE CREATE EXCEPTIONAL REAL ESTATE OPPORTUNITIES!