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Have you ever heard the term “punch fear in the mouth”, or “dance with the Fear”, “or “No Fear”?

Let’s face it, some Fear is good as it keeps us alive- and we will never have “no fear” unless we all want to die fast.  Fear helps us escape from a rabid dog, keep our doors locked at home or not go into a dark alley after dark. What I really want to discuss here quickly, is Faith vs Fear….  and the Fear you can further drill down into as “anxiety”.  So, what if we replaced the word “Fear” with “Anxiety”…now you start to know the feeling we are discussing …. that uneasy feeling of the last minute presentation, the Meet the Parents encounter, the family member who is sick, the feeling you are not worthy feeling….the feeling you have not made enough, done enough, impacted enough people, etc… that uneasy feeling…maybe it is FEAR/anxiety (False Evidence Appearing Real) F.E.A.R

So below, the main point of this blog is exactly what one of my old Pastors Jim Jackson sent our this morning, and it surely hits a chord.  I hope you like this as much as i do in better understanding your Brilliant Brain (Neocortex) FAITH Infused Brain vs your Lizard Brain (Reptilean primiative FEAR based brain)  we need both….but maybe its time to embrace Faith and Less Fear ;)

The law of fear and faith: Faith is the antidote to fear.

To the extent that we are plagued by fear, we are not living by faith.  And to the extent that we are living by faith, we are not ruled by fear.  Faith and fear are opposites.

By “faith” I mean more than what people say they believe.  Faith is how we live out what we say we believe.  It is acting in a believing way.  Faith is belief wrapped in skin.

Courage is sometimes different from faith, but up close the two look just alike.  Faith-filled people act with courage.  They act on their convictions regardless of public opinion or social consequences.  They do not shrink from friends or foes.  The throw caution to the wind and do what their flesh is afraid to do.  That is why the first category of people excluded from the heavenly city, according to the Book of the Revelation, are cowards.  Cowards lack faith and without faith it is impossible to please God.

What is is you know you should do that you are afraid to tackle? Do not be afraid. Have faith.



Have you ever noticed when someone you know always seems to be in the right place at the right time- and maybe that is you? Most of the time, we want to believe it’s luck or the golden touch!

But maybe, just maybe, that person is highly in tune with their AWARENESS and NOTICING sixth senses.  What do i mean by that?  Simply put, I believe these conscious efforts are manifested in the brain whereby one can actually make deliberate choices to be in tune with their immediate and far reaching senses- as it relates to physical, mental, and spiritual stimuli occurring every millisecond we live.

for instance, i have 4 children, i usually make a choice to always prepare myself in a parking lot and know how many things could happen if a teenager reckless driver barrels thru the parking lot, and what i would do in that situation.  i will find myself walk first into the crossing, look far away and close by for other cars arriving or departing, then make the assessment it is all clear to lock hands and then cross.  this in turn keeps me and my children above the death line.

kind of a silly example above, but lets use the same example of awareness/judgement/noticing in a business deal.  Have you played out the entire film strip of what’s to come in your next deal?  Evaluative Judgment might just be the highest human behavior as evidenced by the Hartman Profile.

Disclaimer:  ”Faith” is the number one way to accomplish the unthinkable- but here are some tips i have for you approaching your daily life and help put more Faith in action  - so you can thrive and be in hyper tune with your senses and be able to manifest and predict just what might happen before it does…

  1. stay healthy, balanced, and have a clear mind- this will open up creative juices.  try Yoga, working out, healthy diet.
  2. strip out all the noise- pay attention to what you are doing at that specific time.  means you must Focus.
  3. Think, Initiate then Reflect. Don’t just React! Thinking first of what you are doing before you do it – gets linear thinking in tune
  4. Quiet the Lizard Brain (our fight or flight attitude. Many people call it “The Lizard Brain” because the limbic system is about all a lizard has for brain function. It is in charge of fight, flight, feeding, fear, freezing-up, and fornication.)
  5. Instead Engage the Neocortex. The neocortex is involved in higher functions such as sensory perception, generation of motor commandsspatial reasoningconscious thought and language.  this is far different then our primitive lizard brain!
  6. practice productive paranoia- not destructive- i said productive paranoia— how many things can go wrong when i do this deal and did i bring extra oxygen to the dance?
  7. be uber specific about your INTENT of what you are doing at that moment- are you completely plugged into your task, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually?
  8. love and respect every moment of your life, even changing diapers.  find joy to increase the awareness factor in all life
  9. manifest and visualize how your task or deal will go down— same as golfers visualize their shot before shooting? try meditation too
  10. Believe in yourself and team (family)- you notice, love, protect, defend, create and share your new found gifts

I hope you will find the above thoughts,steps, and ideas beneficial for you.  I feel your life will change when you change your intentions on noticing, awareness and evaluative judgement.  As with anything, its a God given gift to us, but we must deliberately use this gift, concentrate, pray about it, and practice, and of course want it!  God bless- Happy Trails

Trey Halberdier

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