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This is a great message (from Jim Jackson) of why your work matters and more importantly…when you do your work–do it with compassion, 110% effort, and far beyond average.  YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE- so BE EXCEPTIONAL now- and LIVE that way by your actions!

The law of uncommon results: If you want uncommon results, you have to do common things in uncommon ways.

“It is safe to stay in the middle of the pack.  If you are average no one complains about you or expects too much of you.  Mediocrity has its rewards.  But you never find out what you are capable of.

Here is the problem: some people expect uncommon results from common effort.  And they are usually disappointed.  If you want uncommon results, you have to do common things in uncommon ways.

By “common things” I mean doing the basic things with excellence.  Think football: blocking and tackling and second efforts, not trick plays or looking good coming out of the huddle.

By “uncommon ways” I mean creativity, enthusiasm and going beyond anything that could reasonably be expected.  Again, think football: covering for the mistakes of other players, improvising to get open or playing while hurt.

People who do common things in uncommon ways achieve uncommon results.”

Jim Jackson



The late Zig Ziglar remind us ….”if you give enough other people what they want, you will get what you want”.

In our selfish worldly society, its easy to make things all about YOU.  I know this well, being the only son (and youngest child) of a family of five.  Until recently, my heart was right, but the actions sometimes did not equate.  Then, the transformation- THANK GOD!  My pastor says you are not a man until you are 30…and i love my 30′s~!

We all have “it” in us- the ability to love, to give gifts of kindness, leadership, compassion, trust, mercy, forgiveness and sacrifice.  It’s God given- a gift to us.  So now we have an obligation to reciprocate. The issue is, our mainstream world does not always promote that- or its masked with sin, greed and pride.  It’s all about ME– or is it all about something, someone, a cause and a mission greater?

Believers encounter this way of living every day…and when we see the light- the bright light of compassion leads to JOY.  we know joy is not a reaction or a conditional response- it’s what and who we are!  Yes, and it’s a choice.

What can we do to live in JOY and do what we love- that causes impact and give gifts to others.

  1. Accept the TRUTH – and extend GRACE to others.   It’s hard- just do it NOW!
  2. Pray and meditate on what JOY looks like- ask for help and embrace change
  3. Help your spouse, family, loved ones and strangers- it get’s your mind off YOU.
  4. Learn from mistakes, all of them…The word “TEST” is in the word “TESTIMONY”.
  5. Be thankful for your mistakes, and please then turn the page
  6. find a way NOW to forgive your enemies- maybe they don’t know what they did or just need help too- get over it!
  7. prepare to be blessed- you are here for Impact, Love, and to make positive Change
  8. Give away your time, talents, treasure with discipline to others–it’s not your stuff- it belongs to your Creator to share
  9. LUNGE forward and get uncomfortable- if you are comfortable- you are not doing enough work that matters
  10. BE AUTHENTIC- yourself, YOU…be funny, laugh, smile and apply some affection to loved ones

Now, GO- GO NOW and do this work with family, friends, co-workers and strangers– and make this crazy world a better place- WE NEED YOU!