Belief in a Power Greater than Yourself…

Trey —  November 30, 2012 — 1 Comment

I am a flawed imperfect person- a Christian and a sinner.  The great news is – Halberdier Real Estate is a faith-based Firm and we are forgiven.  In business and doing life- we believe it’s key to have a Power, a God and/or Belief in something greater than yourself and this World YOU can believe in and rest on.

Why?  YOU simply can not do life on your own- if you want to have a real authentic purpose and fulfillment leading to Joy.

Here are some biblical principles, you can live by shared in Romans 12.

  • GOD HAS A DREAM FOR YOU-  as you have a dream for your children and loved ones.
  • Spiritual Maturity is most needed in your Life and this world.

THE 5 “S” might help you as it has helped me grow…

  • Surrendered to God or your higher Power  - give it up completely.
  • Separate from the World and its values – the world will eat you up and spit you out.
  • Sober in self assessment- sound judgement- made for His Glory, not mine – have humility!
  • Serving in Love- fellowship- abhor to evil, engage hospitality and authentic community.
  • Supernaturally respond to Evil with Good – if your enemy is hungry feed him with Goodness.

3 huge basic questions for you to strongly want to understand and be:




Life is short and precious- the after life is eternal.  Be intent on above and do Life with Compassion and Character- mostly believe in your God, your Power, your Rock-  who is much greater than yourself.  You are not alone and you are certainly wonderfully and fearfully made.



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I serve as the Chief Believer at HALBERDIER Real Estate LLC a HALBERDIER Holdings Company. I am a blessed child of God, family man, fanatical leader, and a serial entrepreneur. The Almighty God is where I derive the Faith and Source for Purpose - and our firm's Mission and Core Principles. Significance not just success, great people not just luck, leadership and love not just management, purpose not just profit. Great by Choice- and all the Glory to God.