THE H Brand

HALBERDIER Real Estate a HALBERDIER Holdings Company

The H Real Estate 

Creating Joy, Health and Significance- Inspire and Live Inspired!

We create dynamic opportunities by purpose, passion, growth, core values, and a common vision.  The assorted recipe results in a creatively disciplined, high-octane performance, distinctive impact, community connectedness Enterprise… and the HALBERDIER brands.

The H Real Estate 
Sterling Reputation, Character, Authenticity, Transparency, Servant Leadership and Trust

Trey Halberdier established HALBERDIER Real Estate in 2013.  With over 15 years of Commercial Real Estate experience, the HALBERDIER brand reverberates thru the Community and Texas as a feeling of irresistible trust, discipline, humility and growth.  The firm principles focus on loyalty, performance, relationships with their team, their clients, and the people in their community and social reach.

Headquartered in The Woodlands, TX, The H Team focuses on connectedness, purpose and life fulfillment to guide the overall culture of the brand and reputation.  ”We LOVE our people, team members and clients- Lead with Love!”