Moral Capitalism- Is there an American Dream anymore?

Trey —  January 28, 2013 — 1 Comment


I have been overwhelmed in recent months on the lack of passion and drive in our society- specifically our youth.  Specifically, i feel the birth dates of 1980 and after – have been dwindling into an entitlement paradigm (guess it was the advent of emails, cell phones and the internet)  just a wild guess.

After visiting the USS Lexington in Corpus Christie TX with my son on scouting trip, i was reminded on how our WW2 Generation was the best generation.  Reason being, they had American muscle.  They actually had to endure The  Great Depression, Hitler and WW2.  Therefore, they developed real resolve, dreams and a will to find a better way of life.

So what is wrong with the new America?   it is time to “re-tool” our American Dream?

How is our youth’s self discipline and self control?  what is up with all the gun tragedies?

Answer is we are in a moral battle of good vs evil- and one of moral capitalism in business.

As Tony Robbins says, we must:

  • Feed our mind every day with goodness
  • Strengthen our bodies
  • Find a mission bigger than ourselves
  • find a role model
  • go help someone

Cheers to a NOBLE purpose driven life….



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