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We all have many reasons to be fearful, worried and anxious about the past, today and future.  Are you going to lose your job, is your child going wild, are you losing your mind, are bills piling up, is your health struggling, does your spouse think you are crazy, etc etc??

Here are 3 steps to help you, me and our loved ones—from my favorite Mentor and Pastor Rob Renfroe:

  1. Choose FAITH- can you dig into more of faith based healthy believing, thinking, acting, reacting and interacting?  Sure you can.  Seek spiritual healing, focus on what Faith means to you.  Believe it will work out, and BE just that.
  2. Choose PRAYER - this is your time with your Creator.  Shut down all the noise and have an active relationship with the reason you are here in the first place.  Are you going to solve your own problems, or are you going to seek the calm, peaceful, wise Counsel?  Give up your problems in quiet time, rest easy, ask for help in His ways and timing, not yours. He will make your path straight again in Faith and Prayer.
  3. Choose NOW – the time is now, not tomorrow to start.  The feeling of unconditional love and support in community will help- but we must act upon it.  Human Beings deep down love to help, Christ is here and alive, and we as Believers must interact in fellowship NOW.  Take a friend to lunch, be authentic, ask for help and foregiveness, and listen to your trusted guidance.  It sometimes comes in small subtle ways, but now you are ready, willing and able to change.

Remember this- F & P Now (Faith and Prayer NOW) and go make friends and impact- while getting closer to your Creator.  We need you!

w/ love. trey