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It’s that time of year- an important time in your life for :

  • reflection
  • attitude alignment
  • communication
  • insight into the New Year

The acronym “R A C I” is an exercise i encourage.

Let’s start with REFLECTION.  How did your year go?  Were you centered or off the hinges?  How was your diet and exercise regimen?  How did you treat your family and friends?   Why did you get angry or who hurt you and why?  What challenges did you overcome or put you under?  How was your faith?  How many authentic connections did you make?  Did you push yourself to the limits emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually?

Now…use that intelligence to dig deeper next year.  Make your own list and reflect.

Next is ATTITUDE.  What is your outlook for next year?  Do you believe in yourself, your Higher Power, your team and family?  Have you visualized the wins you will experience next year?  What does that look and feel like?  Are you going to avoid negative energy and negative people?  Are you acting like an adult or a child?

Now…Have an attitude of gratitude and get the focus off yourself- and great things will happen next year.

Next is COMMUNICATION.  To set your goals and objectives, you must speak, write, and communicate them to an accountability partner.  Your spouse, business mentor, boss, your Higher Power, anyone who will listen to you.  This is very important so don’t overlook this. There is a powerful connection in your brain when you put this accountability out there- so someone can help you reach your goals.  Many problems occur due to lack of simple communication- even the small little things must be said repeatedly.  Do this now, not later.

Finally, INSIGHT.  Simply put, what are YOU going to contribute to your family, team and loved ones?  You certainly have insights we want and need.  Focus on your strengths and share them – so you can improve on your growth and development while also creating impact with ones you touch.  No need to overly focus on your weaknesses, those will improve with the above “RACI” strategy- and humility will start to over ride your false ego and insecurities.

One technique we use at our Firm is the 30.90.180 day goals and objectives list.  We require each team member to write all of their “RACI” items on few sheets of paper, then I review them and we commit to eachother and the respective plan.  Remember the RACI can be personal, business, spiritual, family, and all categories.  I find the more you are authentic in this exercise, the better your New Year will be.

So go now, the key is NOW- and allow “RACI” to be the best exercise and New Year paradigm moving forward.  2016 is upon us- you are loved, we need you, and want you to contribute.  I hope YOU will Create Joy, Health and Significance- Inspire and Live Inspired!

God Bless and Happy Trails!