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Have you ever noticed when someone you know always seems to be in the right place at the right time- and maybe that is you? Most of the time, we want to believe it’s luck or the golden touch!

But maybe, just maybe, that person is highly in tune with their AWARENESS and NOTICING sixth senses.  What do i mean by that?  Simply put, I believe these conscious efforts are manifested in the brain whereby one can actually make deliberate choices to be in tune with their immediate and far reaching senses- as it relates to physical, mental, and spiritual stimuli occurring every millisecond we live.

for instance, i have 4 children, i usually make a choice to always prepare myself in a parking lot and know how many things could happen if a teenager reckless driver barrels thru the parking lot, and what i would do in that situation.  i will find myself walk first into the crossing, look far away and close by for other cars arriving or departing, then make the assessment it is all clear to lock hands and then cross.  this in turn keeps me and my children above the death line.

kind of a silly example above, but lets use the same example of awareness/judgement/noticing in a business deal.  Have you played out the entire film strip of what’s to come in your next deal?  Evaluative Judgment might just be the highest human behavior as evidenced by the Hartman Profile.

Disclaimer:  ”Faith” is the number one way to accomplish the unthinkable- but here are some tips i have for you approaching your daily life and help put more Faith in action  - so you can thrive and be in hyper tune with your senses and be able to manifest and predict just what might happen before it does…

  1. stay healthy, balanced, and have a clear mind- this will open up creative juices.  try Yoga, working out, healthy diet.
  2. strip out all the noise- pay attention to what you are doing at that specific time.  means you must Focus.
  3. Think, Initiate then Reflect. Don’t just React! Thinking first of what you are doing before you do it – gets linear thinking in tune
  4. Quiet the Lizard Brain (our fight or flight attitude. Many people call it “The Lizard Brain” because the limbic system is about all a lizard has for brain function. It is in charge of fight, flight, feeding, fear, freezing-up, and fornication.)
  5. Instead Engage the Neocortex. The neocortex is involved in higher functions such as sensory perception, generation of motor commandsspatial reasoningconscious thought and language.  this is far different then our primitive lizard brain!
  6. practice productive paranoia- not destructive- i said productive paranoia— how many things can go wrong when i do this deal and did i bring extra oxygen to the dance?
  7. be uber specific about your INTENT of what you are doing at that moment- are you completely plugged into your task, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually?
  8. love and respect every moment of your life, even changing diapers.  find joy to increase the awareness factor in all life
  9. manifest and visualize how your task or deal will go down— same as golfers visualize their shot before shooting? try meditation too
  10. Believe in yourself and team (family)- you notice, love, protect, defend, create and share your new found gifts

I hope you will find the above thoughts,steps, and ideas beneficial for you.  I feel your life will change when you change your intentions on noticing, awareness and evaluative judgement.  As with anything, its a God given gift to us, but we must deliberately use this gift, concentrate, pray about it, and practice, and of course want it!  God bless- Happy Trails

Trey Halberdier

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We have all heard the term, “keep it real” or “he/she is a real person”.

so what does “real” mean?  actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed. (of a substance or thing) not imitation or artificial; genuine.

How are we as human beings, companies, families, enterprises… considered real?  The answer starts with being AUTHENTIC!

In today’s world of high tech, fame, connections, the mad dash for success, power, chasing the dollar, or being somebody we are not to achieve some or all of the above  — it becomes more important to be REAL, AUTHENTIC, GENUINE.  Why…because it now matters and people can smell it.  It sets you apart.  We all possess the same ability to have fancy gadgets, social media connections, attend all the parties, be like the other person,…. and at the end of the day…..are you being the person God has gifted your Life and Purpose deep down inside?  Here are some things our firm HALBERDIER Real Estate inspire in our quest for deeper authentic connections:

  1. Define and Live out your God given Purpose with Faith
  2. Do what you Love to Do – attendance based compensation days are over
  3. Don’t pay attention to Critics and Haters –  they are everywhere.  Instead connect only with Winners!
  4. Get grounded and tap into your Humility- have you been completely honest about your character defects?
  5. What are you top 5 strengths creating Impact and NOW let them shine!
  6. Connectedness is a Value and Gift to people- so use it.
  7. People know how much you Care, they don’t care how much you know.
  8. Give gifts of your time, talents and treasure without expecting Anything in return
  9. always do the next right thing even when it hurts and no one is looking
  10. Patiently listen to needs of others and sincerely offer service, generosity and help

Friends, now more than ever we need you.  Connect with your Higher Power and the people who are your biggest cheerleaders, and love others for who they are….. and watch your REAL Purpose and Gifts grow and grow!

trey halberdier

FIGHTING the Battle Within

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YOU are in the biggest fight of your LIFE.  The most important challenge for YOU is to learn how to conquer YOURSELF.  We all have a story- what is YOURs?

FEAR- can YOU dance next to FEAR?  – sure you can.  FEAR are False Experiences/or Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR).  When you have the belief, faith and conviction in God’s will- well then just rest easy…or at least do your best right?  When has He purposely done you wrong?

DOUBT- can YOU get to the next level when you second guess yourself?  YOU have purpose in this LIFE, so go for it.  God loves you and so do ALL the people who believe in YOU.  YOU are here to be an example to others and lunge forward and GO FOR IT!

SHAME- who really cares what YOU did in the past – they may not forget but should forgive, …and did you learn and change is the key.  Guilty feelings are one thing, and can be used constructively, but don’t wallow in shame– it is a cancer that spreads and infects others.  YOU are forgiven, and a new human being.  LOVE others and get the focus off YOURSELF and go help somebody.  Be vulnerable – the opposite of SHAME.

Thank you to David Dorn and THE LOFT, for inspiring us to Fight the Good Fight– the one FIGHT that does matter.  GROW, LOVE, COMPASSION, FAITH, COURAGE, SACRIFICE – - NOW GO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!!




Lights Camera Action!  it’s July 2014 and I trust you are feeling the HEAT and the Commercial Real Estate energy around North Houston and The Woodlands TX.

So let’s just cut to the chase- do YOU like all the action, construction, congestion and more people?… or wish this all could return to the post Y2K small villages in the trees era?

I will now mention Vision- because Vision is responsible for what “it” is today.  “It” is the 10 mile radius around The Woodlands proper.  “It” makes me seldom leave the “bubble” because we now have everything around here- including a new Nordstroms (ladies beware).  ”It” is a safe haven for kids, schools, upbringing and sports- I have 4 little monsters so this is important.  “It” was created by visionaries we all know- starting with George Mitchell.  Thank you to Howard Hughes, Exxon and the other fine people, schools, churches and companies making The Woodlands home.

So do YOU embrace change or fight it- I guess you could complain a lot – or embrace it- or maybe move away to more country living elsewhere.  Everyone has an opinion and they are all good.  But lets face it, “IT” is here – the 9,000,000,000 billion pound guerilla has landed, we are officially in the bubble metropolis of competitive gen x’ers and old school’ers, high commerce, fast lifestyle, beeping cars and construction vehicles, overpasses and concrete- lots of concrete.

Vision- what will this place look like in 25 years- and will you embrace it?  will you call The Woodlands home?

stay tuned to more Exxon, The Woodlands and Grand Parkway commercial real estate developments at a HALBERDIER Holdings Company or email me, Trey Halberdier, at


What does this Logo/Brand mean to you?


What does your brand or company name/logo mean to you?  I am not sure it really matters what others may think about your own brand, your character, and your reputation.  One way to really connect, is ask me genuinely about it, get to know me better and you will understand my brand.  In return, I get to know you better and put you in the authentic good guy camp.  My brand is personal, it’s precious, and it has meaning beyond what others may think on the surface.  When you meet people, and want to genuinely connect- do you ask about their family – more than likely yes,…. well- (hint hint), the brand is no different.

With that said, how might you create a brand that goes viral, and debunks the hierarchical marketing of the old days?  Also, is your stock of brand best created by something not bluntly stated about in the function and industry it serves.  Think of a new company like …..Back Office LLC for support staffing… vs. a name like Synergy LLC for same purpose.  Which one makes you think more and might draw you in to know more?

Who is HALBERDIER- what is HALBERDIER, and why the “H”?  well it says real estate, but what specifically does that mean? Some may say, creating a brand that does not say what you do, is more special, unique and will have more stock value in this market.  Why, well…it’s personal and precious and makes us dream of what it could mean.  My brand is my 5th child- I will fight for my brand, I will go the extra mile for my brand, my brand is me, my character, and why/what/how I do what I do.

If you want to go viral and cause a stir, put a great amount of thought and love and energy into your brand!

also visit – my brand, our brand, our people, our reputation, who we are, why we exist…




HALBERDIER Commercial Real Estate Speaker at The Woodlands Exxon Grand Parkway Event

HALBERDIER Real Estate a HALBERDIER HOLDINGS Company is excited to announce the panel for upcoming BISNOW’s 3rd Future of The Woodlands Event.  Trey Halberdier and other reputable business professionals will provide significant insights to approximately 1,000 interested attendees of all industry.

Topics will include:  ExxonMobil ripple effect, The Grand Parkway impact, The Woodlands Howard Hughes plans, and many more compelling developments on one of the hottest real estate areas in the country right now.  We hope to see you there Tuesday April 29th at 11 am -  The Woodlands Waterway Marriot.


Last Sunday’s paper said it again…what we all knew was coming now.  see cool pictures here

In all the great ExxonMobil campus, The Woodlands Howard Hughes, Springwoods Village, the new Grand Parkway news here, there is a tale of polarity – good with the bad, success with the growing pains, so take the hot with the cold.  Let’s take a look at a few briefly.

Good for Business – Bad for Traffic- need I say more…I think the term “reverse commute” is now obsolete in these parts,

Good for The Woodlands (and all North Houston) Real Estate Equity and Values – Bad for property taxes on such Properties and Bad (maybe) for vacated Exxon buildings in Greenspoint, Fairfax Virginia, Downtown Houston and other locations.

Good for Houston, The Woodlands, Montgomery County, North Harris County, Spring and Conroe Texas etc-  Bad for Fairfax and Exxon Mobil employees content “as is”

Good for Grand Parkway and +/-1600 acres Springwoods Village Development adjacent to – Bad for residents (and other business) who want a little peace and quiet in their backyard.

So the windup is, “it is what it is” – as they say.  And Exxon Mobil mega campus and all the surrounding effect – IS what it IS.  It’s Huge!  full article here

HALBERDIER Real Estate is developing a few commercial real estate projects around the ExxonMobil impact area- visit THE H REAL ESTATE a HALBERDIER Holdings Company for more details –

trey – – 713-320-9494

21 Waterway, Suite 300

The Woodlands TX 77380




Please visit the high energy conference coming soon… – link to Economic Outlook Conference in The Woodlands, South Montgomery County TX.

I look forward to one of the best business events of the year!  This is the Superbowl of Conferences up in our neck of The Woods (lands).  May we soon call it The Woodlands and The Exxonlands just south of us!  As we say in The Woodlands, we are in the bubble (The Woodlands TX) of the bubble (Houston) of the bigger bubble (Texas) – and this city is red hot!

The lineup looks fantastic in just a few short weeks, so come on over and say Hello!  HALBERDIER Real Estate is a breakfast sponsor so come early and let’s connect!

U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady, Alex Sutton (The Woodlands Development Company / Howard Hughes), Bruce Tough (running for State Rep 15), Gil Staley (South Montgomery County EDP) ,and other executives with ExxonMobil, Wells Capital, Talisman, Repsol, Layne Christensen, and Chevron Phillips – there will be plently of  ”Energy” in the room.

Thanks again for your support with The H Real Estate a HALBERDIER Holdings company – and I look forward to more Houston and The Woodlands commercial real estate investments, development and advisory interactions with you soon!

Trey Halberdier- HALBERDIER Real Estate

21 Waterway, Suite 300 The Woodlands TX 77380


HALBERDIER Real Estate LLC has started the new year with a bang around the highly sought after Exxonmobil / Springwoods Village / and The Woodlands surrounding areas.

ExxonMobil Springwoods Area Commercial Development-The H Real Estate – HALBERDIER Holdings Video:

Trey Halberdier, founder of The H Real Estate, a Halberdier Holdings Company, was an early adopter of the ExxonMobil mega corporate campus intelligence in 2009 and hedged several future sites for acquisition and hyper appreciation for his companies and investors. Now, a handful of years later, Halberdier and his close allies are executing the game plan as initially planned.

One such prime land tract near Exxon, HALBERDIER Real Estate assembled ownership on, is 40 acres on the southwest corner of Hardy Toll Rd and Riley Fuzzel. This site is approximately 1,000 feet south from the new Grand Parkway intersect and Hardy Toll Rd – and less than a mile from ExxonMobil’s operations.  Halberdier and his team plan to commence horizontal ground infrastructure immediately and feel the highest and best use is an industrial office park, a multifamily play and an additional few pad sites off Riley Fuzzel.

Also, The H Real Estate is in active negotiations on another larger multi-million dollar commercial development just around the bend. This future announcement will be another bonus game changer to the area around the ExxonMobil campus, Springwoods Village, and The Woodlands TX areas.

Halberdier’s new investment & development firm’s footprint in Montgomery and North Harris Counties, promises to be impactful and enduring. ‘We believe our core values are consistent with our community – and look forward to decades of impact and service to The Woodlands and surrounding areas’, Trey Halberdier says. ‘This is just the start and we encourage all our sphere of influence to embrace and give back to this awesome community’

HALBERDIER Real Estate plans to scale up the enterprise organically and keep the brand and team streamlined as it grows. Trey Halberdier notes in his exciting 15 years in commercial real estate, 2014 will be the best.

‘We want to develop first class commercial real estate assets, provide for our community and leave a legacy’ says Halberdier. ‘This will be a great ride’

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