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Have you ever heard the term “punch fear in the mouth”, or “dance with the Fear”, “or “No Fear”?

Let’s face it, some Fear is good as it keeps us alive- and we will never have “no fear” unless we all want to die fast.  Fear helps us escape from a rabid dog, keep our doors locked at home or not go into a dark alley after dark. What I really want to discuss here quickly, is Faith vs Fear….  and the Fear you can further drill down into as “anxiety”.  So, what if we replaced the word “Fear” with “Anxiety”…now you start to know the feeling we are discussing …. that uneasy feeling of the last minute presentation, the Meet the Parents encounter, the family member who is sick, the feeling you are not worthy feeling….the feeling you have not made enough, done enough, impacted enough people, etc… that uneasy feeling…maybe it is FEAR/anxiety (False Evidence Appearing Real) F.E.A.R

So below, the main point of this blog is exactly what one of my old Pastors Jim Jackson sent our this morning, and it surely hits a chord.  I hope you like this as much as i do in better understanding your Brilliant Brain (Neocortex) FAITH Infused Brain vs your Lizard Brain (Reptilean primiative FEAR based brain)  we need both….but maybe its time to embrace Faith and Less Fear ;)

The law of fear and faith: Faith is the antidote to fear.

To the extent that we are plagued by fear, we are not living by faith.  And to the extent that we are living by faith, we are not ruled by fear.  Faith and fear are opposites.

By “faith” I mean more than what people say they believe.  Faith is how we live out what we say we believe.  It is acting in a believing way.  Faith is belief wrapped in skin.

Courage is sometimes different from faith, but up close the two look just alike.  Faith-filled people act with courage.  They act on their convictions regardless of public opinion or social consequences.  They do not shrink from friends or foes.  The throw caution to the wind and do what their flesh is afraid to do.  That is why the first category of people excluded from the heavenly city, according to the Book of the Revelation, are cowards.  Cowards lack faith and without faith it is impossible to please God.

What is is you know you should do that you are afraid to tackle? Do not be afraid. Have faith.