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The Labor of LOVE is here and NOW!

Seth Godin is a genius who has helped me think way different and realize what I do is ART, not labor.

We want to “launch Purple Cows”, do amazing real estate deals, be UBER exceptional!  How will you do ART, not labor this year?

Time to Dance and Leap- this will take informed courage.

1. We need to care enough to connect (connectedness)

2. Brave enough to ship before its ready (energy and courage)- you don’t need permission  to make Art

3. Will you choose to matter? – to make Art and Music  (make a great ruckus)

4. Best part is , there are no barriers to entry, its free (not at major costs, don’t need MBA education, and its simply a choice)




 “IM NOT SURE WHAT THE QUESTION IS, BUT THE ANSWER IS YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  – Seth Godin – Shipping Art Video


Trey Hallberdier  –

Chief Believer



It’s that time of year- an important time in your life for :

  • reflection
  • attitude alignment
  • communication
  • insight into the New Year

The acronym “R A C I” is an exercise i encourage.

Let’s start with REFLECTION.  How did your year go?  Were you centered or off the hinges?  How was your diet and exercise regimen?  How did you treat your family and friends?   Why did you get angry or who hurt you and why?  What challenges did you overcome or put you under?  How was your faith?  How many authentic connections did you make?  Did you push yourself to the limits emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually?

Now…use that intelligence to dig deeper next year.  Make your own list and reflect.

Next is ATTITUDE.  What is your outlook for next year?  Do you believe in yourself, your Higher Power, your team and family?  Have you visualized the wins you will experience next year?  What does that look and feel like?  Are you going to avoid negative energy and negative people?  Are you acting like an adult or a child?

Now…Have an attitude of gratitude and get the focus off yourself- and great things will happen next year.

Next is COMMUNICATION.  To set your goals and objectives, you must speak, write, and communicate them to an accountability partner.  Your spouse, business mentor, boss, your Higher Power, anyone who will listen to you.  This is very important so don’t overlook this. There is a powerful connection in your brain when you put this accountability out there- so someone can help you reach your goals.  Many problems occur due to lack of simple communication- even the small little things must be said repeatedly.  Do this now, not later.

Finally, INSIGHT.  Simply put, what are YOU going to contribute to your family, team and loved ones?  You certainly have insights we want and need.  Focus on your strengths and share them – so you can improve on your growth and development while also creating impact with ones you touch.  No need to overly focus on your weaknesses, those will improve with the above “RACI” strategy- and humility will start to over ride your false ego and insecurities.

One technique we use at our Firm is the 30.90.180 day goals and objectives list.  We require each team member to write all of their “RACI” items on few sheets of paper, then I review them and we commit to eachother and the respective plan.  Remember the RACI can be personal, business, spiritual, family, and all categories.  I find the more you are authentic in this exercise, the better your New Year will be.

So go now, the key is NOW- and allow “RACI” to be the best exercise and New Year paradigm moving forward.  2016 is upon us- you are loved, we need you, and want you to contribute.  I hope YOU will Create Joy, Health and Significance- Inspire and Live Inspired!

God Bless and Happy Trails!



This is a great message (from Jim Jackson) of why your work matters and more importantly…when you do your work–do it with compassion, 110% effort, and far beyond average.  YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE- so BE EXCEPTIONAL now- and LIVE that way by your actions!

The law of uncommon results: If you want uncommon results, you have to do common things in uncommon ways.

“It is safe to stay in the middle of the pack.  If you are average no one complains about you or expects too much of you.  Mediocrity has its rewards.  But you never find out what you are capable of.

Here is the problem: some people expect uncommon results from common effort.  And they are usually disappointed.  If you want uncommon results, you have to do common things in uncommon ways.

By “common things” I mean doing the basic things with excellence.  Think football: blocking and tackling and second efforts, not trick plays or looking good coming out of the huddle.

By “uncommon ways” I mean creativity, enthusiasm and going beyond anything that could reasonably be expected.  Again, think football: covering for the mistakes of other players, improvising to get open or playing while hurt.

People who do common things in uncommon ways achieve uncommon results.”

Jim Jackson



The late Zig Ziglar remind us ….”if you give enough other people what they want, you will get what you want”.

In our selfish worldly society, its easy to make things all about YOU.  I know this well, being the only son (and youngest child) of a family of five.  Until recently, my heart was right, but the actions sometimes did not equate.  Then, the transformation- THANK GOD!  My pastor says you are not a man until you are 30…and i love my 30′s~!

We all have “it” in us- the ability to love, to give gifts of kindness, leadership, compassion, trust, mercy, forgiveness and sacrifice.  It’s God given- a gift to us.  So now we have an obligation to reciprocate. The issue is, our mainstream world does not always promote that- or its masked with sin, greed and pride.  It’s all about ME– or is it all about something, someone, a cause and a mission greater?

Believers encounter this way of living every day…and when we see the light- the bright light of compassion leads to JOY.  we know joy is not a reaction or a conditional response- it’s what and who we are!  Yes, and it’s a choice.

What can we do to live in JOY and do what we love- that causes impact and give gifts to others.

  1. Accept the TRUTH – and extend GRACE to others.   It’s hard- just do it NOW!
  2. Pray and meditate on what JOY looks like- ask for help and embrace change
  3. Help your spouse, family, loved ones and strangers- it get’s your mind off YOU.
  4. Learn from mistakes, all of them…The word “TEST” is in the word “TESTIMONY”.
  5. Be thankful for your mistakes, and please then turn the page
  6. find a way NOW to forgive your enemies- maybe they don’t know what they did or just need help too- get over it!
  7. prepare to be blessed- you are here for Impact, Love, and to make positive Change
  8. Give away your time, talents, treasure with discipline to others–it’s not your stuff- it belongs to your Creator to share
  9. LUNGE forward and get uncomfortable- if you are comfortable- you are not doing enough work that matters
  10. BE AUTHENTIC- yourself, YOU…be funny, laugh, smile and apply some affection to loved ones

Now, GO- GO NOW and do this work with family, friends, co-workers and strangers– and make this crazy world a better place- WE NEED YOU!





Here’s the list – “what people value the most in the workplace”.  From Seth Godin’s “Linchpin- are you Indispensable”

9 intrinsic and only 1 extrinsic value out of 10.  Meaning we all crave an emotional internal need for a great platform to work….

  1. Challenge and Responsibility-- we thrive on challenges while being responsible and accountable
  2. Flexibility and Freedom- we are huge believers in this (solid life work balance).  You can’t pay a price for freedom!
  3. Stable work environment- select hires – energetic cohesive place to work- only linchpins work here
  4. Money- as Zig Ziglar says, it’s close to oxygen.  we will put you in positions to make lots of this
  5. Professional Dvlpt- as you know, we love this stuff- we will do more CRE training and book studies etc as desired by team
  6. Peer recognition- We purposely have “give acceptance and consideration” in our core values- this is huge!
  7. Stimulating colleagues and team members- our team will be super tight- fraternal brothers that feed off eachother
  8. Exciting Job content- needless to say- we have lots of exciting things happening in market and our industry- carpe diem
  9. Organizational Culture- culture is how we all treat each other and have fun together- make work fun and “wow” investors and clients
  10. Location and Community- hence The Woodlands – (the H blog),, and our community philanthropy etc-  a connected movement, and capitalizing on our networks and mentors etc

“Optimism is for artist, change agents, linchpins, and winners- are you working to make things better?”

….may we continue to seek sound discernment, informed courage and use great judgment and action towards the mission.  WE CREATE EXCEPTIONAL REAL ESTATE OPPORTUNITIES!




FIGHTING the Battle Within

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YOU are in the biggest fight of your LIFE.  The most important challenge for YOU is to learn how to conquer YOURSELF.  We all have a story- what is YOURs?

FEAR- can YOU dance next to FEAR?  – sure you can.  FEAR are False Experiences/or Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR).  When you have the belief, faith and conviction in God’s will- well then just rest easy…or at least do your best right?  When has He purposely done you wrong?

DOUBT- can YOU get to the next level when you second guess yourself?  YOU have purpose in this LIFE, so go for it.  God loves you and so do ALL the people who believe in YOU.  YOU are here to be an example to others and lunge forward and GO FOR IT!

SHAME- who really cares what YOU did in the past – they may not forget but should forgive, …and did you learn and change is the key.  Guilty feelings are one thing, and can be used constructively, but don’t wallow in shame– it is a cancer that spreads and infects others.  YOU are forgiven, and a new human being.  LOVE others and get the focus off YOURSELF and go help somebody.  Be vulnerable – the opposite of SHAME.

Thank you to David Dorn and THE LOFT, for inspiring us to Fight the Good Fight– the one FIGHT that does matter.  GROW, LOVE, COMPASSION, FAITH, COURAGE, SACRIFICE – - NOW GO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!!




Are YOU a DANGEROUS Dreamer?

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After a year of rebranding, renewing, family newborns, new experiences and stretching mentally, physically, financially and emotionally- I am blessed and inspired to be a DANGEROUS DREAMER.  (Thanks be to God and my Pastor Rob Renfroe - who leads a very impactful Church and Men’s Fellowship here in The Woodlands TX)

Let’s face it !! … we have enough capacity here in our little respective bubbles- right?  So the quick and important belief and conviction for ME and our COMMUNITY ongoing is – “what good actions will I take to continue to Dream GREAT Dangerously”.  Maybe it’s a mission trip, or a mentorship to the youth, perhaps lead a Bible study, or volunteer at Church or Charity, ….in addition to just being a better Dad and Husband?

We all need to be inspired and make IMPACT, our world is a terrible example and some of the people we follow.  Our living beating Hearts are meant to be COMPASSIONATE and to help the least, the last, and the lowest.   So in closing, GO NOW and cause a ruckus- a good dangerous impact, and don’t pay attention to the Haters and World.  The world is wrong, Christ is right!  YOU are here to be ALIVE – and THRIVE- we need all the help we can get.  Again, GO NOW and DO LIFE and PEOPLE and COMMUNITY RIGHT!

God Bless!


ACTS for IMPACT in your LIFE

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We all have acronyms or quick affirmations to keep us on the right track.  Here is one acronym (A-C-T-S) that has helped me in my GROWTH, Prayer and Meditation time, and Reflection on LIFE, FAITH, FAMILY, & CAREER.  I hope YOU find it meaningful as well.  Added bonus- if you Believe in a Greater Higher Power…you will also find this ACTS to be a great simple prayer routine ;)

  • A - Attitude, Acceptance, Appreciation, Adorn, Assurances, Accept, Acknowledge, Action
  • C – Compassion, Communication, Companion, Clarity, Confession, Collaboration, Consistency
  • T – Thanksgiving, Thought, Think
  • S - Salvation, Supplication, Sacrifice, Simplicity, Specific

Fill in the words you need for ACTS, and let this be one of your guiding lights for IMPACT, GROWTH, and SIGNIFICANCE.

And, as one of my YOGA instructor says, “The more you LIVE,  the more you LEARN,… The more you LEARN, the more you LOVE,.. The more you LOVE, the more you CAN’T LET GO, and that indeed is a GOOD THING

all the best w/ love,




Well it’s back to school- hope all is well with Families and Friends.

I want to briefly mention, how we can still GO BIG and keep our lives SIMPLE.  I used to think the more complex and chaotic it was, the smarter better faster and more strategic my life/career would be- and success would just overflow in all this complexity and massive action.  WRONG!

The lesson is SIMPLICITY.  Try it on for size.   Can you commit for the rest of the year, ONE WORD to make your LIFE and BUSINESS far more SIMPLE.  Sure you can- here are some suggestions:

  1. One day at a time- live in the present while being thankful you are ALIVE
  2. say to yourself, I will do (insert something you are delaying) NOW, not later.  DO IT NOW.
  3. put down the work during your personal family time or individual time.  IT WILL BE THERE TOMORROW.
  4. GROW- spend twice as much time developing your LIFE and CAREER- pause, reflect, meditate, then do again.
  5. Treat yourself to ALONE QUIET TIME daily, I personally do Exercise things to get blood flowing.
  6. Strip out all the NOISE and unnecessary phone calls, emails, FB, Twitter, and aimless lunches. PRIORITIZE right?
  7. BE INTENTIONAL – with every hour you have including your Rest Day- where you focus on growth and reflection.
  8. One day, like a Sunday pm, RELAX or chill or do recreation you like- WHILE ALSO engaging in GROWTH exercise.  i like audio books on the go.  Feed the brain!!
  9. DISCIPLINE yourself, kids and even spouse (caution!) as to your new daily regimen- which will in turn help them out too
  10. Let go of reigns- A BIG ONE FOR ME, a greater POWER is in control, Trust and let your almighty do the driving.

well that’s it- I am keeping this note simple.  i challenge you to seek or keep SIMPLICITY working for you too.

also, please check out latest press on THE H Real Estate- lots of fun on horizon!  Until next time- W/ Love- trey


Lights Camera Action!  it’s July 2014 and I trust you are feeling the HEAT and the Commercial Real Estate energy around North Houston and The Woodlands TX.

So let’s just cut to the chase- do YOU like all the action, construction, congestion and more people?… or wish this all could return to the post Y2K small villages in the trees era?

I will now mention Vision- because Vision is responsible for what “it” is today.  “It” is the 10 mile radius around The Woodlands proper.  “It” makes me seldom leave the “bubble” because we now have everything around here- including a new Nordstroms (ladies beware).  ”It” is a safe haven for kids, schools, upbringing and sports- I have 4 little monsters so this is important.  “It” was created by visionaries we all know- starting with George Mitchell.  Thank you to Howard Hughes, Exxon and the other fine people, schools, churches and companies making The Woodlands home.

So do YOU embrace change or fight it- I guess you could complain a lot – or embrace it- or maybe move away to more country living elsewhere.  Everyone has an opinion and they are all good.  But lets face it, “IT” is here – the 9,000,000,000 billion pound guerilla has landed, we are officially in the bubble metropolis of competitive gen x’ers and old school’ers, high commerce, fast lifestyle, beeping cars and construction vehicles, overpasses and concrete- lots of concrete.

Vision- what will this place look like in 25 years- and will you embrace it?  will you call The Woodlands home?

stay tuned to more Exxon, The Woodlands and Grand Parkway commercial real estate developments at a HALBERDIER Holdings Company or email me, Trey Halberdier, at